November’s meeting will be on Friday, Nov. 17th from 4-6pm in State Hall 326.  We will be playing/discussing MMOs.

Please note that our meeting will start an hour earlier than usual.


October Meeting

Our October meeting will be Friday, Oct. 20th at 5pm in State Hall 326. 

This month, we’ll be focusing on FromSoftware’s Bloodborne and Ph.D. student Kevin Ball will be leading the discussion.  Kevin has recently published an essay on Bloodborne lore in the journal Transformative Works and Cultures and we encourage you to follow this link and read it before the meeting.

But even if you don’t, we hope you’ll join us for a discussion of Bloodborne and lore more generally as well as some gameplay.

As always, all members of the Wayne State community are invited to participate, and we welcome all with an interest in scholarly discussions of video games and video game culture.

Welcome Back

Hello and welcome to a new semester of the Video Game Scholarly Interest Group!

Our first meeting of the semester will be Friday, September 22nd at 5:00pm in State Hall 326.

Our theme for the month is Gaming Worlds.

What kinds of worlds do games create?  What are the ingredients for a compelling game world?  Which worlds seem flat or uninspired?  Why?

We will be playing Overwatch, among other things, so feel free to stop by, play a little, and learn more about the VG SIG.

Welcome Back to School!

As we gear up to start the Fall semester, we hope you’ll stop by our August meeting, which will be on Friday, Aug. 25th at 5:00pm in Dr. Kee’s office (room 10407, 5057 Woodward Ave.).

For August, we’re going to be talking about Video Game Adaptations.  Both video games that have been turned into (often terrible) films and films and other media that have been made into video games. 

Come bring your stories of adaptations that worked and those that didn’t!

!! July !!

Our July meeting will be on Friday, July 21 at 5:00pm in Professor Kee’s office in the English Department (room 10407).  To get there, take the elevators to the 10th floor of 5057 Woodward (the Maccabees Building) and take the short hall left.  Her door is on the left.

Undergraduate Steven Proudfoot will be leading discussion on Metriodvania Games and we’ll be playing a few choice titles as we talk.

Hope to see you there!

We’re Back!

Come join us for our first Summer meeting on Friday, June 23.  We’ll be meeting at 5pm in State Hall 326, and we’ll be playing games and discussing plans for the upcoming school year.

Hope to see you there!


Our April meeting will be Friday, April 28th at 5pm in State Hall 326.  We’re going to be playing multiplayer games on the N64.

So come on over and take a break from your finals with the Video Game SIG!