Strategy Games

For our November meeting, we’ll be discussing and playing strategy games.  How do strategy games differ from other genres of games?  What are the differences in gameplay between cooperative strategy games and those you play on your own?  We’ll be playing Civ 5 and Tooth and Tail as we discuss the topic.

The meeting will be on Friday, November 30th from 5-7pm in State Hall 326.

As always, all levels of experience are welcome, from newbies to experts.

If you have an interest in gaming or video game studies, come join us!


What makes a game a Horror Game?

While we ponder that question, we’re going to change things up a bit and break out the board games–in particular Avalon Hill’s Betrayal at House on the Hill, a cooperative horror game that turns one of the players into a traitor.

The meeting will be on Friday, October 19th from 5-7pm in State Hall 326 and we hope to see you there as we play and betray!

Video Games as Narrative

A recurring theme that has popped up in our meetings over the summer is what happens when you aren’t necessarily playing video games as games.  We’ve talked about Let’s Plays; we’ve talked about using the Sims to help authors write novels, and now, in August, we’re going to focus in on using video games as material for making other forms of media, namely Machinima and fan vids.

Why do people enjoy turning gameplay into narrative?  Why do people enjoy watching it, and what happens when you stop “playing a game” and start “making a movie”?  We’ll be answering those questions and more.

Dr. Kee will be leading discussion, and we’ll be watching a number of machinima and vids (so if you have any favorites, be sure to email her before the meeting).

So, join us on Friday, August 31st from 5-7pm in State Hall 326.

And bring your ideas for games/themes you’d like us to discuss during the Fall semester!

Stimulating Simulations

For our July meeting, we’ll be discussing simulation games.  Miranda Keyes will lead discussion and gameplay (we’ll definitely be playing some Sims), so we hope you can join us from 5-7pm on Friday, July 27th in State Hall 326.

Also, for those of you unfamiliar with the game (or who would like to read a bit more about it), here is Gonzalo Frasca’s “The Sims: Grandmothers are cooler than Trolls” from Game Studies 1.1 (July 2001).

What Exactly are We Watching Here?

For our June meeting, the Video Game Scholarly Interest Group will be focusing on Let’s Plays and Video Game Spectatorship: what do we get out of watching other people play games? Why in the world would you watch someone play a game instead of playing it yourself?  What kinds of games make for the best sideline viewing? What sorts of personalities make for the best people to watch play? 

Join the discussion on Friday, June 29th at 5pm in State Hall 326!

And if you have ideas for something you’d like us to talk about or something you think we should play, come by the meeting and pitch your idea!

Take Two…

We had some excitement at April’s Video Game Scholarly Interest Group meeting.  There was a gas leak and eventually, a campus-wide evacuation.


We’re going to try things again in May.

We will be meeting on Friday, May 25th at 5pm in State Hall 326.  The theme for the meeting is (again) “Disturbed, Disoriented, and Disrupted Bodies,” and we’ll be playing/discussing Octodad, QWOP, and Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy.